Afddfafafagavjshsxkm: Final Fantasy 13

I’ve been reading a ton of Snow/Lightning fics lately and have been suckered by my own advertisement.

I’m back in that FF13 grind and this time, with the help of a bunch of cheat websites, I will unlock ALL the achievements!

Hopefully, I don’t show a doughy belly in this week’s update.


The Fault in Divergence

Alright, what is with this bs?

We have two totally different YA novels coming to film this year. One of my favorites and one that I had never heard of until this trailer assaulted my eyeballs through my Xbox.

On one hand, we have Divergent. A story about how choices and being different can be difficult but is ultimately what makes you awesome and normal, set in a not so distant dystopian future.

On the other, we have The Fault In Our Stars A story about how choices and being different can be difficult but is ultimately what makes you awesome and normal, set in a not so distant (some may agree) dystopian future.

Alright, maybe they’re not TOTALLY different. Which makes it even more confusing as to why Summit and 20th Century decide to release these two movies mere months apart featuring the same actors.

“Oh, that happens all the time, nowadays!” You say.

That’s all well and good for the actors and the authors and a whole bunch of other people. However, I’m sure you would change your mind if I told you that they go from playing Star crossed lovers who decide to live and love despite all odds to being… related

Not just related, but BROTHER and SISTER related.



Right, so I went from being suuuuuprr excited about seeing Divergent and ohhhhmygggggg I can finally shake off Tris’ The Secret Life stigma and just see them as my favorite characters coming to life.

Now, though… Now THIS has happened. I’m not really sure if I can sit through the beginning of Divergent without cringing; or crying. I’m hoping there’s lots of Four immediately after. It’s the only thing that can scrub my brain clean of this weirdly incestuous predicament that’s been thrust onto my unwilling lap.

Scratch that. I hope there’s so much Four happening that my brain melts into a puddle not unlike Alex Mack.


The Vegas Shirt : A Challenge Week2

Hello blog!

I haven’t forgotten about the challenge. I’ve just been too busy to post. Anyway, here it is; Week 2 of The Challenge. I’ve been focusing on my triceps and abs more.

4 sets of 10 one handed rows
2 sets of bent knee dips (I’m a winky, I know)

Does clenching my abs every time I work out count as ab day? Ok, so maybe I’ve been focusing on triceps more. Kind of… It’s only very other day right now. There… honesty, at last. I knew writing in this blog would be helpful.

Anyway, my climbing schedule has been reduced to two times a week because of this change and it really makes me miss it. However, going a lot won’t really help with the challenge since I’m plateauing from lack of arm/ab strength. Ah, that catch 22 though…

I’ve noticed the muscle popping out from my triceps when I glide my hand over my arm but it doesn’t show as much since I’m still not doing enough cardio. New focus: Cardio. Even if I have to resort to Dance Central for cardio, it will be done. I just hate having to wash and straighten my hair every time…. Wavy, short haired girl problems I guess. Speaking of which most of the photos will have hair dent in it. Ya, I just woke up hair dent. Prominently featured for all to see. :]

Enough chatter. PICS!





The Vegas Shirt: A Challenge

So, I’m not the best blogger ever… I routinely forget I have one. For the last few months, Instagram has been my blog if choice; So, if you want to check that out, follow me and maybe I’ll post it on here. :]

Let’s get back to the challenge!

I’m going to Vegas this spring. It’ll be my first time going without family. Just some close friends. Who are so close, they’re like family but I digress.

Anyway, I’ve been trying a few different ways to lose weight/get fit these last few months. I’ve wholeheartedly embraced the fact that a lot of things are going to have to change for me to have a wholesome, healthy life. In practice, not so much. It’s really difficult. Exacerbated by the fact that I have the willpower of someone who is composed solely of ID.

So, I’m making up this challenge to motivate{humiliate} myself enough to actually do something about my “cute- girl-shirt” hang ups. As evidenced below, I need to work on those dreaded triceps, defluff the puff and gain some abs. It will not only make me look pawesome in this shirt, it will also improve my posture and reduce my lower back pain. I’ve got until the end of February to get this stuff toned up. Wish me luck, little blog!





Parkour: Jonathan Trapp Style

I signed up for Jonathan Trapp’s 5 day Parkour course a couple of days ago. Pretty hesitant to do it since the way his website asks for your information was straightforward. too straightforward

Dun dun dun… !!! … !!!

Only in my generation do we question something straightforward. Oh, Internet. Thou hast warped my mind and my feels. Anyway, I signed up. Gave my first name and email away. Fretted over the amount of spam that may hit this shiny new email.

Aaaaaaaand I am so glad I did. I’ve been learning how to do the basic PK roll that I completely ignored learning something even more basic; the landing. I heard the term “proper landing” peppered throughout all the roll tutorials but studiously and mullishly ignored it.

I feel so anachronistic.

Just learned that word today. Yup, that is the most basic sentence structure ever. Yessir, I am proud of knowing that shiny new word.

Anyway, I’m doing the recommended 3 sets of 20 jumps in the drills section. I am quickly being reminded that one must jump before one can Parkour. I am literally, hilariously out of breath.

So, this 5 day course may turn into 5 weeks. I know I’ll love/hate every minute of it. Thanks for the tutorial and I’m sorry for bursting the 5 day concept, Trapp brothers…

Trying on Costumes: Parkourrr!

In the last week or so, I’ve become obsessed with parkour. The yearning has existed since I picked up the controller to play the first Assassin’s Creed; it’s just intensified since I decided to get fit.

Anyway, I’m not exactly picking it up like a duck to water. So, I figured I should write down what I’m doing so I can figure it out later. Or, on the off chance someone stumbles upon this blog who is also struggling to learn parkour, let’s undertake this journey together!

1. Learning to fall/fail

I’m pretty well known for my willingness to try anything. I’m equally, if not more notorious for my ability to fear anything. Whether it’s losing at a video game or Slenderman, most people know I err on the side of supreme caution. I’ll put in a small gamble and take the road most taken. It’s how I’ve always been and what I’ll struggle with the most.

2. baby PK roll

Keeping this in mind, you’ll understand why learning even the most basic parkour roll is difficult for me. I even had trouble with the “safest” way to roll which is by starting with your shoulder already on the ground on your haunches ready to kick into a roll. If you want to see this roll look up Amos Rendao on YouTube. It’s the first beginner roll tutorial.

This is my 3rd day of trying not to fall on my hip, conditioning to tuck my head in and rolling on both shoulders. I’ve yet to stop being nervous about rolling from a squatting position.

Oh well, tally ho and ’til next time
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

How German Sounds Compared to Other Languages

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So, I’ve been in the process of learning German on and off for the past six years. In that time, I’ve had my fair share of giggles from the harsh words that pop up every so often.

Some delightful people have decided to put up some perfect examples of some of the words that have made me – and many others – snortle